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What is a gas boiler service?

A gas boiler service is an annual safety check carried out by an RGII registered gas engineer. Our gas boiler service ensures your system is running at maximum efficiency levels and ensures that no gas is unnecessarily wasted when operating your gas boiler. Our service will highlight any issues that may exist with your Boiler's efficiency or output. This can help save you from costly repairs on your gas boiler.

The checklist for an annual gas boiler service

Check Boiler Location
Check Boiler Clearance
Check Ventilation
Check gas soundness on pipework
Perform analysis on emissions from flue
Check circulation of water in the pipework
Check controls, timers, fuses, etc.
Ensure water pressure is at 1.5 bar, and if not, refill to the same.


It's important to remember that under Irish law, it is a criminal offence for anyone that is not RGI certified to work on your gas boiler or gas line.


Gas Boiler Service Dublin

Why Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?


Gas Boiler Service - Stillorgan Gas


You should be getting your Boiler serviced annually, as not having it serviced once a year could invalidate your boiler's warranty and could stop you from receiving any benefits that would come with it. Many boiler manufacturers' guarantees require you to book a registered service engineer every year. This allows them to check for issues and can prevent any potential breakdowns with your Boiler. Regular checks and maintenance on your gas boiler can improve the reliability of your system and minimize any potential future repairs.

We recommend you get your boiler serviced during the summer before the colder months arrive as there's nothing worse than going to put your heating on and your Boiler not firing up.

A well-maintained boiler will have a longer lifespan than a boiler that hasn't been serviced at all, which can save you a significant amount of money. Regular boiler maintenance and professional inspection will not only keep your Boiler running smoothly but can also help identify and rectify minor issues, which could improve the lifespan of your gas boiler.


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What Happens During My Gas Boiler Service?

Boiler Service - Stillorgan Gas


Every gas boiler service performed by Stillorgan Gas includes 28 separate checks, which we call the 28-point boiler check. Your boiler service includes

45 Minutes of Labour
Full 28-Point Boiler Check
Safety Check
Boiler Electrical Checks
Boiler Efficiency Checks




What Is The 28-Point Check?

Gas Boiler Service


The 28-point checklist contains the following work/tests

Check Boiler Location
Inspect Boiler for Visual Damage
Check Boiler is operating correctly
Ensure ventilation is appropriate
Check Boiler soundness test has passed
Check for flue spillage
Check flue condition, routing, and terminal location
Check condense draining system
Check there is clearance from combustible materials
Perform cold check effectiveness of the flue
Check main burner & clean as required
Check and adjust boiler pressure
Test operation of flame sensing control
Check the effectiveness of flue with Boiler running
Check gas soundness with Boiler running
Check electrical isolation and ensure the correct 3-amp fuse is fit
Inspect boiler wiring for damage and correct connection to Boiler
Check operation of boiler thermostat
Check operation of low water pressure control
Check/adjust the system pressure
Check expansion vessel
Check flue guard is fit
Check for flue spillage (where appropriate)
Check Boiler is correctly operating incl. consumer controls (timeclock, motorized valves, thermostats)
Ensure appliance conforms to I.S.813
Test & print boiler combustion efficiency test results


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