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All you need to know about Drains

In your day-to-day life, the health of your drains is unlikely to come up. You only think about it when you have a blocked drain or a bad smell coming from the drains. In these scenarios, you are forced to act quickly. The excellent news is Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical provides a call-out within 90 minutes, and the Drain Experts offer a quick fix across all Dublin & Bray.


Did you know: Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing and Electrical offer the quickest Drain Unblocking Call-Out.
So, if you  have a blocked toilet, clogged kitchen sink, sewage smell coming from your drains, just give us a call , The Drain Experts


Keeping your drains clear and clean in your home and business settings becomes an essential practice, but how would you know if you have a blocked drain or a drain issue? 


If you've noticed

  • Water starts to back up in a sink drain.
  • Water pools form near shower drains.
  • After forming pools, water drains quite slowly.
  • You hear toilet water bubbling whenever you run the sink
  • The drain creates gurgling sounds (this is most prevalent after using the washing machine/dishwasher).
  • In your bathtub, shower floor, or sink, a pool of water gets collected
  • The kitchen sink area has a strong odour of rotting food.

Does this ring a bell? Your drain may be clogged!

However, if you have problems, such as blockages frequently, This indicates that there may be a more significant problem with your drains. In this instance, it is recommended that you have your drains checked. A CCTV drain survey is a service that involves inserting a camera into the drains to determine the source of a problem. This would allow you to identify the source of a problem and correct it, putting an end to any drainage issues you may be experiencing.


Why should you conduct a CCTV Drain Survey?

Drains that are blocked or clogged are every homeowner's worst nightmare. Overgrown tree roots, tiny objects, and poorly maintained drains can all be blamed for their annoyance. CCTV drain assessments and inspections are excellent for identifying any issues or obstructions. Our drain specialist will be able to detect what's wrong with your drains in no time using a remote-controlled camera.


The benefit for opting for a 

Correct Diagnosis

Because the Drain Expert is viewing live footage, he can see exactly what the problem is right away. The drain expert can offer a long-term solution to the problem you're having based on facts. 


Quick Analysis

When you discover a blocked or clogged drain in Dublin you want to resolve it as quickly as possible, especially if it leads to no use of a toilet or sink at home! One of the principal sights of a CCTV digital camera is that the effects are instant. A specialized digital camera expert will lower a digital camera into the drain and will be able to perceive the trouble on a display screen in front of him there and then.


Do it correctly the first time! Go with a CCTV survey from the beginning, as the issue is located. We can begin fixing it, reducing out time and money it should cost to discover the difficulty in the first place.


Minimal Disturbance

The accuracy of CCTV Drain Surveys eliminates the need to dig up the vicinity around the drains to come across the problem. As the camera is suspended down the drain, we can quickly start corrective measures on that area to restore the problem!

New Home Owners

It is becoming more popular with new home consumers to identify any issues with the drainage gadget on a new property before purchasing it. It cuts out a lot of trouble.


Get an Odour Investigation 

A bad scent is normally a sign something is incorrect — particularly if it is a sewage smell.

A sewer odour in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room can indicate a broader problem than backed-up plumbing. It ought to come from the sewer itself, which requires immediate action. Unusual sewer smells are no longer something to ignore. However, discovering the supply of the odours can be tough — most of us automatically expect it needs to come from the toilet, but problems can disguise in many of your home's water systems, consisting of the bathe and washing machine. You can trace the source of a sewage scent in your home, however, sometimes, only a professional provide the required fix. For such cases, it is advised to call the drain professionals, and they will look after the drain repair.


Toilet getting blocked

A blocked toilet is one of the most common problems a household faces, the reason could be toilet paper blocking the toilet or water flushing down very slowly. The best way to unblock a toilet is to call us, the drain experts. Your toilet is clogged for a number of possibilities: 

1. Old toilet/ toilet pipes– If your toilet is very old, it is feasible the toilet can’t take care of a lot of flushes. By upgrading your contemporary toilet, you can ensure it is working desirable and is updated to modern-day standards.


2. Fill valve problems – Check to make certain the fill valve is working properly. When the tank does not fill with enough water, blockages emerge as more common.


3. Pipe blockages – It is additionally possible that you should have a block in the pipes beyond the toilet. These blockages are most in all likelihood triggered by way of flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed. If an object such as a toothbrush or razor fell into the toilet and was once accidentally flushed, it should be slowly be gathering debris around it, subsequently inflicting a blockage.


4. Sewage line troubles – A essential sewer line hassle someplace in your property could be the motive why your lavatory maintains blocking. Broken pipes, tree roots growing into the sewer line, or corroded steel pipes are all frequent motives of sewer line issues. However, everyday sewer line upkeep and inspections can assist discover small problems before they become big, pricey problems.  


Common reasons for blocked Drains in Dublin

Food waste
Food waste or Oil/grease collect in the drains and results in the blocked kitchen sink. Food waste ought to by no means go down the drain, even when you have a garbage disposal in your sink. Instead, set up a composting pile to get rid of meals waste. Grease or oil solidifies in the pipes and causes sink blockage. Instead, take in oil on a paper towel and throw it in the compost.


Hair blockage
Hair is the biggest reason for drain blockages, as it can bind with grease and different sticky components to structure clogs. These sticky components together cause a blocked shower Drain. The exceptional way to deal with hair blockages is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Ensure all drains have guards to catch hair and clear these regularly. To unblock shower drain call Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical as we offer solutions that will have a long-lasting effect than a shower drain cleaner. 


Rats in Drian (watch this Rat Inspection video to know more)
In Dublin, Drains usually offer a good and safe place for shelter for rodents such as rats. Most rat infestations begin due to defective drains or pipes. A rat enters your drainage system through a small crack or hole. Many humans aren’t even aware of the truth that they have rats dwelling in their residences or backyards if they don’t pay interest to the telltale signs and symptoms. Rat Flaps are an inexpensive permanent answer to stopping rodents from coming into your property by using the sewers or drains. Being the biggest Drain Company in Dublin, we can install Rat flaps in your drain system on the same day. 

Rat flaps stops the rats entering your drainage system and hence prevents the rats being a threat to your health, hygiene and drains.



For Drain Unblocking Dublin & Bray, remember us. We will be there with you within 90 minutes. 


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