Blocked Drain and Plumbing Services

If your drains are backing up or Blocked up or smell terrible, No problem, call us. When you have a blocked drain in Dublin, you need help right away and don't want to be left waiting. Contact us, and we will be with you in two hours. All drain problems need immediate attention; that is why we promise our customers to reach out to them to unblock the toilet or clear blocked sink and get your drains cleaned to provide you quick and quality service. Stillorgan Gas & Plumbing is the only name you need to know for drain cleaning in Dublin.

Drain Unblocking

Our Dublin drain unblocking services are available to both homes and businesses, and we work quickly while employing gentle but effective methods to unclog even the most stubbornly blocked drains.
Our services can clear clogged sewage pipes and drains clogged with grease traps and other debris. We also offer toilet unblocking and drain CCTV surveys, which allow us to quickly pinpoint faults and diagnose issues. It would help if you had someone who has a fast turnaround for drain unblocking Dublin. Being Dublin's biggest Plumbing & Heating company, we guarantee the quickest call-outs to unblock drains and drain cleaning in Dublin & Bray.

Drain Repairs

Keeping your drains in good working condition is one of the best ways to guarantee that they work safely and efficiently all year. Keeping your drains in good working condition is one of the best ways to ensure that they operate safely and efficiently all year. Contact Us if you detect a problem with your home or business drainage system. We have years of experience in the field and can provide competent drain surveys or repairs or all drain services to keep your drainage system running smoothly.
When it comes to keeping your wastewater treatment system running smoothly, we do it all, from minor drain leak repairs to substantial structural repair work and entire drain replacements.

Drain CCTV Inspection

Conducting a drain Survey is one of the most straightforward and accurate techniques for diagnosing drainage system problems. Conducting a CCTV drain inspection is a quick and effective technique to figure out a treatment plan for all types of drainage systems, from drain repairs, blocked toilets, blocked kitchen sinks, and more.
Drain surveys are advised for customers who have persistent drain clogs or odours, as they provide an accurate diagnosis and allow us to work promptly to resolve your drainage issue.
After doing a CCTV drain survey in Dublin, Our team will produce a report detailing the specific issues that your drainage system is experiencing and the steps that need to be taken next.

Toilet Unblocking

A blocked toilet, if left ignored, may become incredibly difficult to fix and create havoc in any household. To unblock a toilet is one of the most common drain problems people face, but it indeed requires a quick fix. We offer skilled toilet unblocking services to both residential and business customers in Dublin & Bray. We offer toilet unblocking for bigger commercial buildings such as offices, apartment complexes, factories, shopping centers, and more, in addition to unblocking household toilets and drains.
We provide fast and efficient toilet unblocking services that respect your wastewater system's structural integrity while efficiently eliminating the obstruction, using high-end equipment and delicate procedures.
We provide timely call-outs and cost-effective services every day and night, seven days a week, as a 24-hour plumbing service.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is a quintessential service designed to keep the drains on your property working safely, efficiently, and efficaciously all 12 months round. As well as being a remarkable way of preventing blockages, normal drain cleansing can lengthen the sturdiness of your property's wastewater machine by using casting off bacteria and debris and also casting off horrific odours that can infiltrate your home or office over time.
Here at Stillorgan Gas & Plumbing, we use in-depth CCTV drain surveys to accurately diagnose the kingdom of your drains before establishing a drain cleaning service. After the drain survey, we use high-end gear and gentle but advantageous chemicals to safely smooth all inner and external drains for a well-rounded, reliable, and superb clean guarantee.
As well as preserving your drains working optimally, drain cleaning is a incredible way to protect your property from dangerous blockages, leaks, and raw sewage, saving you time, money, and stress in the long run.


Despite being a very frequent problem, rising odours from drains and pipes in the home can be extraordinarily disagreeable to deal with and challenging to handle alone.
Here at Stillorgan Gas & Plumbing, our team are specialists in Dublin drain odour investigations and odour removal services for customers.
Often, appliances such as sinks, baths, and showers can ride bacteria build-up, minor blockages, and even trapped debris in pipes, which builds up to create disagreeable odours over time. Here at Stillorgan Gas & Plumbing, we use advanced CCTV drain surveying technology to identify the reason for the issue before offering complete elimination and repairs services.
Our Dublin drain odour investigation and elimination services are suitable for home and industrial properties of all sizes, that includes odour tracing, sewer jetting, drain surveys, drain repairs, drain unblocking, and complete odour removal to treat the hassle at hand shortly and effectively.

Power Washing Dublin

Stillorgan Gas & Plumbing provides consumers all over Dublin the very, very best service of Power washing. We use today's power washing equipment, which is designed to do away with even the most cussed stains while protecting the floor area. Power washing is an environmentally friendly outdoors cleansing approach suitable for various applications using high-pressure water.

We offer the very best
- Driveway Power washing
- Patio Power washing
- Exterior Power Washing
- Graffiti Removal Power Washing
- Brickwork Power Washing