Gas Boiler vs Oil Boiler vs Electric Boiler - All you need to know (2024)

Choosing the right boiler or the right heating system is as difficult as choosing which car to buy. All the options have pros and cons; you need to consider personal preferences and external factors. We agree it is a difficult decision to make but that's why Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical is here for. To list out, currently, there are three popular heating system boilers:

1. Gas Boilers

With current gas costs, if you are linked to the national gas grid, a gas central heating system can be a pocket-friendly option to heat your home. Gas central heating is a 'wet' system, which means that a gas-fired boiler heats water, which is then pumped through radiators and hot water taps.


2. Oil Boilers

An Oil Boiler Installation is well known in places off the gas grid. Like a Gas heating System, an Oil heating system is a 'wet' system, in which an oil-fired boiler heats water to give central heating through radiators and hot water through taps. The primary distinction between gas and oil systems is that oil is provided to your home as needed and kept in an external tank, while Gas is supplied directly via a direct feed. 


3. Electric Boilers 

Electric Boilers are different from Gas & Oil Boilers. Electric boilers convert electricity into heat rather than burning fuel (like oil boilers). This is a significant advantage because there are no emissions and the chances of something going wrong are much lower.


Let's dive in and compare Gas Boilers, Oil Boilers & Electrics boilers with the same lens. The comparison points will be as follows:

  1. Installation Cost
  2. Boiler Prices Dublin
  3. Environmental friendly
  4. Efficiency
  5. Longevity
  6. Maintenance cost
  7. Most known brands


Let the match up begin: Gas Boiler vs. Oil Boiler vs. Electric Boiler



1. New Boiler Cost of installation

Numerous elements can influence the final cost of any boiler installation. The first consideration is the cost of the boiler itself. Those expenses can be affected by various factors, including the boiler's location, the boiler's size, and others. Electric boilers are the quickest, easiest, and cheapest to install because they do not require a flue, condensate pipe, or gas hookup. However, because each installer charges a different price for installation, it is critical to obtain many bids and compare them.


Boiler Replacement Quote


2. Boiler Prices Dublin


Gas Boiler Prices Dublin:

  To supply and fit a Gas Boiler, the price range begins from €1999 for the most basic boiler. The prices vary from property to property and majorly depend on the size of your house. For a new gas boiler, you have multiple good options to choose from. Hence, a Gas boiler replacement in Dublin won't be any hassle.



Oil Boiler Prices Dublin:

  To Supply and fit an Oil Boiler, the price ranges from €2400. The prices depend on the model, size of the boiler, and manufacturer. The oil prices keep fluctuating and you would need to keep refilling the boiler with oil to keep it running.



Electric Boiler Prices Dublin:

To supply and fit an Electric Boiler, the price ranges from €1800. The disadvantage with electric boilers is that the options are quite limited.



3. Environmental friendly Boiler

The carbon emission of an electric boiler is the least, followed by Gas and the last is oil boilers. But if you think that makes Electric Boilers more environment friendly, you might be wrong. Electric boilers use electricity usually generated from fossil fuels, making them the least environmentally friendly boiler. Gas Boilers will be the best option in this case. Due to technological advancements, we will have a renewable way to generate electricity sooner than later.



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4. Efficiency 


Electric Boilers have an efficiency of as close to 100%, while the Gas Boiler is approximately 93% efficient, and the oil boiler is around 92% on the efficiency rating scale. This means that for every €1, you lose energy worth 7 cents on gas boilers & 8 cents on oil boilers. 

Even though Electric Boilers have a 100% efficiency rating, their ErP rating is usually the lowest. Gas Boilers have an A rating on ErP ratings as they don't burn as much fossil fuels as electric boilers or oil boilers do. So in totality, the running costs of an electric boiler are higher than Gas Boilers & Oil Boilers, but other factors of an electric boiler can save you money over the years.


5. Longevity (Boiler's life) 

All the boilers last around the same time, around 15-20 years. But it is recommended to replace your boiler if it is over ten years as their efficiency takes a dip after ten years. If your boiler is more than ten years old, you can request a free quote for a new gas boiler here. 


6. Boiler Maintainance cost 


Getting a New Boiler is at least a 10-year investment. Apart from installation and energy costs, another factor you need to keep in mind is maintenance costs. You cannot predict these but should always expect them afterall a boiler is a machine, and at some point, some parts might wear off and might need replacing.  If your boiler is not working, more often than not it will flash a fault code which indicates what does the boiler need and you can then call in for a boiler repair.

It is highly recommended that you get a gas boiler service or an oil boiler service done annually as they keep your warranty valid. 


7. Most Known boiler brands


Gas Boiler brands

Ideal logic
Worcester Bosch Boilers


Oil Boiler brands

Firebird Boilers
Grant Boilers


Electric Boiler brands

Electric Heating Company



Answering Important Questions

  • Are electric boilers more efficient than Gas?

Electric Boilers' efficiency rating is 99-100% while Gas Boiler's maximum efficiency rating is 93%


  • Is an electric boiler better than a Gas Boiler?

Gas Boilers & Electric Boilers are great but their performance depends on the house and how the central heating system is. Generally, Gas Boilers are comparatively more powerful than Electric Boilers and hence can meet greater demands of heat and hot water


  • Is it cheaper to run an electric boiler or a gas boiler?

Electricity Costs are higher than the Cost of Gas. So running an Electric Boiler is more expensive. 


  • Can you run radiators off an electric boiler?

An Electric Boiler is linked to all the radiators in your central heating system.


  • Is it worth getting a new boiler now?

Absolutely. A new Boiler will always give you better efficiency, and better results in terms of heating and hot water. So it is always worth getting a new boiler.


  • Is a gas boiler cheaper to run than an oil boiler?

Yes, Gas is cheaper than Oil and Gas is there whenever you need it unlike Oil, which you need to order when it is gone.


  • Should I replace my oil boiler with gas?

Gas Boilers have lesser emissions and are more environmentally friendly. Gas Boilers are comparatively cheaper than the oil boiler for supply & installation. Moreover, Gas prices are lower than oil.


  • Do oil boilers last longer than gas boilers?

Yes, Oil Boilers last approximately 2 years longer than Gas boilers. 


  • Should I replace my oil boiler with an electric boiler?

Switching to Electric Boiler from an oil Boiler is a good decision as they are safe to have at home. Electric Boilers don't have gas leaks or oil leaks that can expose you or your loved ones to danger. 


  • Is an electric boiler cheaper to run than oil?

Electric Boilers are more efficient than Oil Boilers. But Electric Boilers running costs are higher, 


Call Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical to get a free quote for a boiler replacement in Dublin


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