Here Are Top 3 Plumbing Tips From Your Local Plumber

If you think for a second that wiping off that mould on your wall will solve your problems, then you are WRONG. Learn what the root of the problem is from the advice of your local plumber in Dublin.

There are certain issues you may face in the home that may not require a plumbing service but a Plumber's advice to help you with the prevention of Mould, clogged pipes, and many more!

Mould Growth can be a major issue for many homes, especially homes that are not of newer builds, this can cause health issues and side effects of mould growth such as eye irritation, Nasal and sinus congestion, wheezing and difficulty breathing or may cause some long term effects which could affect how you could live your daily life.

From a plumber's perspective this needs to be dealt with immediately, but first we must address what is causing the growth in order to take the appropriate corrective action to help with mould prevention.


 Why Does Mould Occur?


Mould On a Wall


Condensation is the root cause of the problem; it is pools of water occur within your home when cold surfaces come into contact with the warm air. Not only does it contribute to the development of mould in your home but it also damages properties by fraying curtains, peeling wallpaper and creating an environment that is musty.

What to do to avoid it:

As your local plumber and out of goodwill, we will give advice so that you have the key solution to have moisture control which would then aid in preventing mould growth. 

One of the most effective ways to aid in condensation removal is by improving ventilation in your home.  The benefits of having proper ventilation also helps with regulating air flows in the home, creates a positive impact for your health and wellbeing, it aids in controlling the overall temperature of the home and lastly helps with removing bad odors and air impurities in the home. 

Extractor Fan Installation


This can be achieved by opening windows around the house, 

Installing extractor fans in kitchens and especially in bathrooms as hot baths or electric showers contribute to a steamy environment and using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. 

Good ventilation systems will help to reduce humidity levels and improve air circulation, which in turn will prevent condensation from forming. 


There are other issues you may face:


What Prevents a Blocked Toilet


Blocked Toilet


There are some things that can be flushed and others that should never be flushed. Hopefully, you understand what we mean.

We're willing to wager that you really don't want to deal with any blocked drains, if you start putting items other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Wet Wipes, along with cotton balls, hygiene items, and prescription drugs, if you continue to flush things that are not necessary to flush, it will result in you making unnecessary expenses on a problem which could have been prevented.

Carefully consider what you think is appropriate to flush to avoid a blocked drain.

There are several additional explanations that could be the source of your issue if you're seeing that your toilet is becoming blocked more regularly, if the issue does not go away, the best option is to call your local plumber for a blocked toilet drain service.


How To Avoid a Major Blocked Drain


Drain Unblocking


Have you ever had the thought that pouring oil and grease down the drain won't cause any major issues since they are liquid and not solid foods? WRONG.

Oil and grease will accumulate. At first, you won't notice it since you'll assume it's completely OK and that the appropriate place for it to go as a liquid is down the sink. But over time, the grease and oil will clog your pipes, giving you major plumbing issues, this will result in a messy and costly trip to your nearby plumbers for a drain cleaning which we do not want happening for you.

Secondly, Rats feed off of grease which may result in a rat infestation, we at Stillorgan Gas offer rat flaps to help prevent this plumbing issue.

Before you pour that boiling liquid down the drain, consider your pipes and choose a safer disposal method. For instance, letting liquid fat solidify before disposing it in your compost bin.



Prevent Unnecessary Tap Repairs

Tap Repair


We know that the sound of the tap making dripping noises when it is not shut tightly can be annoying.

The seal on your tap will actually suffer as a result of this, as the greater pressure it encounters each time it is cranked tight will cause it to wear out more quickly. Consider it to be like a pencil: the more you press down on it, the more worn out it becomes.


In order to prevent this, turn the tap until you feel the point of natural stopping; don't worry about dripping after shutting it as the natural stop was designed that way to ensure there is no dripping, anything after that wears down the quality.

If your tap ends up wearing out, try a tap replacement installed by your local plumbers, a new spindle may just be the solution you need.


We hope this helps you in preventing the issue that you are currently facing, If you are looking to find a plumber or any plumbing services in Dublin; We at Stillorgan Gas are here to help and we don't only just have the solution to mould growth and condensation, but we have the solutions to many other issues such as low water Pressure, leaking pipes and running toilets. We are trusted by many and offer a no nonsense service.












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