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We know you can’t wait to set up your new television and dive into the experience of your new and better TV set.
Sounds super exciting, isn’t it? You would want the Perfect angle, make it match the interiors and would love to make
the wires disappear. TV mounting is art when executed with elegance and grace. If you are looking for a TV mounted
on the wall or plasterboard, call us now and leave the rest to us.


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tv wall mounting

 TV wall mounting

If you require TV brackets fixed on the
wall or tv brackets that swivel, we have
it all. Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing and
Electrical provides a fast and efficient
TV mounting service in Dublin.
TV mounted to the wall cannot cause
accidents by falling over. Mounting a TV
also prevents accidental bumping or
smudging (children love to touch big
screens with their sticky hands).
It also creates valuable free space on
top of your furniture or remove your
furniture altogether for a clean look
and a maximum of space.

tv wall mounting

TV Mounting for your office

Our expert technicians can
match the aesthetics of your
office or provide you with wall
mounting ideas.
TV in Airbnb to bars to other
commercial properties. You
name the place; we will be there.
Size and the number of TVs
doesn’t matter. Even if you need
55-inch tv brackets or mounting
tv on the corner wall of your
store; we will be there.

tv wall mounting

Hide TV cables

No one likes wires hanging off the
wall or getting tangled behind the
table. It not only spoils the look of
your room but also is annoying.
Our skilled technicians are like
magicians and are experts in the
vanishing act. The wires will be
concealed discreetly, which will
blend seamlessly with your home
or room décor. Our technician will
work the best way around to hide
tv cables and give your room the
look you want.

Looking for an Electrician to add sockets for your television?

Why do you need a TV mounting service?

1. An inspection will give you an idea where the TV should be positioned to provide you the best experience and to be mounted securely. Wall mounts can extend, tilt and swivel, making it easy to find the best TV viewing angle with optimum picture and sound quality wherever are you seated. If you want to install TV in the living room or bedroom or even over the fire place, we are just a call away.
2. To choose the right TV bracket: A great reason for getting a TV wall bracket installation is that the TV itself will be safer and far less likely to get damaged by trips, spills and accidental knocks; this is even more valid when you have children or pets in your home, and you want to avoid injuries and accidents.

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Want to get brackets yourself? This will help you find the right

For guaranteeing the best TV experience, finding the right TV bracket is extremely important. With a correctly positioned TV you can enjoy optimal TV viewing. With the wrong TV bracket, you could be squinting at a screen with a stiff neck or not have the flexibility to watch TV from another part of your house.
Before buying the TV brackets, ask yourself the following the questions.

- Do you want your tv to be flush against the wall right in the centre?
- Do you want a TV that can rotate?
- Do you want the tv to be tilted away from the glare of the window?
- Do you want to TV to be installed over the fireplace?
- Do you want to mount your TV on a stand?

If you are clear with these, half of your work is already done. The next step is choosing the right bracket
according to your needs

tv wall mounting

Flat brackets

tv wall mounting

Full motion bracket

tv wall mounting

Tilt bracket