Expert Gas Boiler Service in Dublin for Just €115! Ensure Your Boiler Runs Efficiently and Safely With Our Comprehensive Servicing. Trust Our Skilled Technicians To Conduct Thorough Checks and Maintenance To Keep Your Home Warm and Comfortable.

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Looking for a Dublin gas boiler service?

We provide full Gas Boiler Service in Dublin. We are RGII registered and fully insured to carry out Gasworks of all scales and sizes. Gas Boiler services should be conducted annually or else your warranty with the manufacturer may get voided. We service all types of boilers like system boiler, combi boiler, condensing boiler, gas boiler and much more.
The payback for you is a lot bigger than the €115 you pay us. You will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe. You will reduce your carbon footprint emissions.
You will save money because your boiler will be running more efficiently.
You will prolong the life of your boiler. Protect from more costly boiler repairs and breakdowns.
According to the SESI, a boiler not serviced could cost you up to €150 extra per year. So gas boiler servicing will save you money. On completion, you will receive an RGI certificate and a digital printout on the performance of your boiler.

Your full Gas Boiler Service in Dublin Cost will include the following:

• Check for correct ventilation as appropriate
• Check boiler for visual damage
• Check flue spillage where appropriate
• Check flue condition/routing and terminal location
• Check condensate drainage system/condensing boilers only
• Check appliance clearance from combustible materials
• Check main boiler
• Check pilot burner/probes cables
• Check heat exchanger
• Check/adjust main burner operation/as per manufacturer instructions
• Check operation of flame sensing control
• Check effectiveness of flue with boiler running
• Check for gas soundness of appliance with boiler running
• Check operation of boiler thermostat
• Check system pressure/as manufacturer instructions
• Check and charge expansion vessel
• Carry out combustion efficiency test…. to include following, boiler combustion, Gas 02 ,Gas co,°C


What is Combi Boiler?

A combination or ‘combi’ boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit. There are Oil Combi Boilers and Gas Combi Boilers. They are also very cost-effective and energy-efficient as water is heated instantly rather than being heated and then stored in a cylinder. Combi Gas Boilers are more popular than Oil combi boiler in Ireland as they are more affordable. Due to these features, Combi Boiler in Dublin are one of the favoured types of Boiler.

How much is a combi boiler in Ireland?

In Ireland, the average combi boiler costs between €2000 and €3,500 (fully installed). The price of gas combi boilers is determined by a number of factors, including:

• The combi boiler's brand and model
• What kind of boiler are you replacing?
• If you want to relocate your boiler
• Any add-ons you'd like to have (such as smart features)

What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler is a type of boiler that is often found in today's homes. The boilers can collect gas produced by the combustion of fuels such as gas and oil and utilize it to heat water entering the system, saving money and lowering carbon emissions. All new gas boilers has to be condensing gas boiler as per the regulations. This similarly applies to all condenser oil boiler in Ireland.

How much does a Gas boiler replacement cost in Dublin?

You might be looking for gas boiler replacements or the price of it as upgrading your gas boiler can be a big expense. Purchasing and installing a new boiler can cost up to €2000 to €3000 on average. Since a Gas boiler is a long-term investment, installing the best gas boiler should be the focus. If you want to get a new boiler in Dublin, we suggest calling a gas boiler installer to give you a free quote.

Which gas boilers is best?

There are many brilliant boiler brands in the market like Ideal Gas Boiler, Worcester Bosch boilers, Baxi boiler, Vokera Gas Boilers etc. If you want our opinion on the best gas boiler in Ireland, the answer depends on multiple factors. As per our opinion, Ideal Gas Boilers are best boilers in Ireland. Currently, Ideal boilers are best gas boiler on the market as they are perfect for Irish homes and their parts are almost always readily available.

If you want to get new gas boiler, connect with the registered gas installers in Dublin now.

How much is a new oil boiler Ireland?

The rough cost for an oil boiler replacement would start at €2700 (supplied & fitted). This differs from house to house.

8 ways to reduce your home energy bills by Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical:

Typically, around 80 % of a buildings energy usage is to heat the building and to provide hot water. Below are some tips to help reduce your energy usage and save money on your household bills.

1. Maximise your insulation Insulate the floor of your attic and access hatch. This is relatively cheap and easy. Increasing the insulation for the walls is more difficult for an existing building and the options which are available are: pumping insulation into the cavity (recommended option), externally applying insulation and then internally applying insulation.

2. Upgrade your heating controls Provide more effective control of your home heating by upgrading the heating controls in your home. Provide thermostats and a digital timer control so that the heating is automatically controlled once set. Install thermostatic controls to each radiator so that each radiator/room can be individually controlled also.

3. Service your boiler regularly. Regularly servicing your boiler will ensure it will run efficiently and prolong its life it can also reduce your gas bill by as much as 6%. However, ensure that the person servicing the boiler is trained/gas boiler engineers have the correct equipment like a flue gas analyser. When you need a boiler replacement you should purchase the most efficient one that your budget allows. In the case of oil and gas boilers always buy a condensing boiler and remember cheap boilers will cost you more in boiler repairs.

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4. Use energy-efficient lighting and turn off unnecessary lights. Use energy-efficient light bulbs especially for outside lighting. These bulbs will typically use 20% of the energy of normal bulbs and last many times longer. However, even when these bulbs are installed, switch off any lighting when not necessary.
5. Reduce the temperature of your home. Try and set your thermometer for a temperature of around 19 degrees, which should usually be sufficient, if this isn’t, try and increase the temperature only in the most used room or try wearing more clothes. It has been estimated that for every 1-degree reduction in the temperature of your thermostat your heating bill will reduce by approx. 10%.

6. Draft proof of your home. Seal the building to prevent excessive heat loss, but maintain air vents in working order. In the typical home, 50% of heat loss is through drafts and open doors.

7. Use your electrical appliances efficiently. There are many ways to save electricity and money when using electrical appliances.

When purchasing new, ensure you select the most efficient appliance your budget allows, an EU scheme makes this easy. The efficiency of the appliance is rated from A to G on a label and a label with this rating is put on every appliance for easy comparison. An A rating is the most energy-efficient and G the least efficient.

8. Non-Boiler related energy-saving tips to save a few pennies more

Modern dishwashers use less water and energy than washing by hand.

Laptop computers are usually a lot more energy efficient than desktop computers (to conserve battery power).

Once your mobile electrical device (phone, laptop etc) is charged, turn off the charger.