Best Gas Boiler in 2022 (July 2022)

In recent decades, boiler manufacturers have made significant progress in developing more ecologically friendly models. Since April 2015, every new gas boiler installation in Ireland has been required to be a more environmentally friendly and efficient condensing boiler, signalling a significant shift in the sector.

What are the different types of gas boilers?


There are a number of elements to consider when choosing the ideal type of boiler for your home, including the size of your property, the number of bathrooms, the water pressure in your area, and the year the house was built. It's important to understand the many types of boilers.

Here are some of the most common types of gas boilers in use in Ireland today.

  • Heat only boiler
  • System Boiler
  • Combi Boiler

Which gas boilers is the best? 


There are many brilliant boiler brands in the market like Ideal Gas Boiler, Worcester Bosch boilers, Baxi boiler, Vokera Gas Boilers etc. In our opinion, Ideal Heating Boilers are the smart choice for all domestic gas boiler installations. While we agree that Bosch and Viessmann boilers are incredibly brilliant boilers, we feel that the Ideal Logic range of boilers, in our opinion, comes out on top. Different variations of Ideal central heating boiler systems are reliable and offer excellent value for any home, regardless of size. They reliably heat various types of homes, from the tiniest home to those with many bathrooms, with combi and system boilers. At Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical, we recommend the Ideal Logic series to our customers during gas boiler replacement.



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Why Ideal Heating  Gas Boilers are the best?

Ideal Gas Boiler


Let us explain why, as we said earlier Worcester Bosch boilers and Viessmann boilers are fabulous; yes, they are German made which endorses quality immediately, and it is our opinion as a compliment to them that they are slightly over-engineered. A little pricey on parts and on the warranty front, a callout for either manufactured in our opinion, can be a little bit slow


So why choose an Ideal boiler? 


The Ideal boilers come in 15KW, 18KW, 24KW, 30KW and 32KW with 7, 10 and 12 years warranty depending on which boiler you choose. Parts are readily available in almost all plumbing stores, the Ideal Logic is the only boiler without exception which is built specifically for the Irish market. A lot of properties in Dublin have half-inch gas lines which are perfectly suited for the ideal boilers, on the other hand, if you choose boilers of any other brand, you may have to upgrade your gas line to a three-quarter-inch, or you may find that your warranty is void.


Types of Ideal Boilers


1. Ideal Heat only boilers

Ideal Heat Only Gas Boiler

Regular or heat-only boilers provide a steady stream of hot water to several faucets and are best suited to large homes or businesses. Because cold water is stored in a tank and then fed to a hot water cylinder, you'll need plenty of storage space. The availability of hot water is not quick.




Supplies more than one customer – ideal for residences with multiple occupants
Backup system – users can additionally source water from an immersion heater so if the boiler breaks down, the property nevertheless has got right of entry to warm water

Versatile – can be hooked up to a historical heating system so is perfect for old buildings
Environmentally friendly – use much less electricity than traditional boilers and are compatible with renewable energy structures


Warranty of Ideal Logic Heat Only boilers

BoilerSize KWWarranty (years)
Logic Heat+157
Logic Heat+187
Logic Heat+247
Logic Heat+307


2. Ideal Logic System Boiler

Ideal System Gas Boiler

System boilers are Ideal for large households with two or more bathrooms. They heat the radiators directly, but warm water is sourced from a tank that is saved in a secondary region such as the loft or garage.



Instant access to hot water – able to supply water to multiple faucets without dropping hot water or pressure

Energy environment-friendly – Ideal gas boilers are rated A and can help reduce utility bills

Saves area – More compact than regular boilers so much less room is taken in the hotpress cupboard

Economically friendly – Use much less electricity and are well suited with solar-powered heaters


Warranty of Ideal logic System boilers

BoilerSize KWWarranty (years)
Logic System+157
Logic System+187
Logic System+247
Logic System+307
Logic Max System1510
Logic Max System1810
Logic Max System2410
Logic Max System3010




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3. Ideal Logic Combi-Boilers

Ideal Gas Boiler Combi


Combination boilers are the most popular preference among Dublin homeowners that have limited storage space as combi boilers are designed as a single unit, they do not require an additional tank to keep water.



Ease of use – combi-boilers give you more control over the amount of electricity you use
High energy-efficiency – Ideal combi boilers are rated A and help to minimize heating bills
Cost fine – condensing boilers are competitively priced and offer desirable value for money
Instant hot water – combi-boilers heat water on demand in a matter of seconds
Affordable to purchase and keep – superior engineering and easy planning make combi boilers convenient to install


Warranty of Ideal Logic System boilers


BoilerSize KWWarranty (years)
Logic+ Combi247
Logic+ Combi307
Logic+ Combi357
Logic Max Combi2410
Logic Max Combi3510
Vogue Max Combi2610 or 12
Vogue Max Combi3210 or 12
Vogue Max Combi4010 or 12


For more detailed information about Ideal Boilers and their specification, Click here.


Why Choose Us to Install Ideal Logic Boilers?

If you want a New Ideal Logic boiler installed, we are a large company with 21 staff, we can turn around jobs quickly, leaving your downtime without heat to a minimum. We are the largest official Ideal registered installer in Dublin. We hold a huge number of parts and our prices are seldom beaten






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