Frequently Asked Questions - Boiler Edition 2024

In Ireland, a warm house is the first thing everyone desires. A panic sets in if that heating is affected by any means. Being The Boiler Kings and the biggest plumbing company in Dublin, we have tackled these scenarios so many times over the years. We get more than a hundred inquiries every day regarding heating maintenance & Services. We receive several similar inquiries regarding Gas Boilers, oil boilers, gas boiler grants, and oil boiler grants. Below are a few frequently asked questions that will answer your queries and inform you about other queries.

Which Gas Boiler is best? 

There are several excellent boilers in the market, but in our opinion, ideal boilers are the best. They are most suited to the houses and apartments built in Ireland. You can read the blog best gas boiler in 2024, which takes a deeper dive into this topic. This article will help you choose which gas boiler to buy. 


What is the price of gas boiler service near me? 

The price of a Gas Boiler Service in Dublin is €115 Inc VAT. 


Call to book a Gas Boiler Service


What are Oil boiler prices in Bray?

Prices of oil boilers depend on multiple factors. To Supply and fit an Oil Boiler, the price starts from €2400. You can always call Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical for boiler replacement  and get a quote for a new boiler in 5 minutes.


Is it mandatory to get oil boiler service every year?

It is not mandatory, but it is advised to conduct an oil boiler service every year as it makes you aware of any potential problems and keeps your boiler's warranty valid. 


My Gas Boiler has low pressure

Gas Boiler Low Pressure can be caused due to multiple issues. The most common reason is a leak somewhere in your heating system that needs attention. The gas Boiler stops running due to low pressure, and it is best to get a plumber in Dublin to repair your pressure issues.


Boiler on radiators not heating

Often a boiler indicates the problem by flashing a fault code/error code on its display. When the boiler is not heating the radiators, most likely, the pump is at fault. But it is better to ring Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical, the plumbing experts, to diagnose the issue.


How much does a new boiler cost in Dublin?

New Boiler prices in Dublin depend on several factors. We offer a free call-out to visit your property to view and diagnose which boiler is most suited for your house. 


When can you replace the boiler?

Stillorgan Gas, Plumbing & Electrical offers to install the boiler the next day. Just call to book an appointment to get a quote, and our team will be back to install your new boiler the next day or any day as per the customer's convenience.


Can I get EPH heating controls added to my system?

EPH heating controls  is a very reliable company that makes top-of-the-range products. If your system is compatible, you can add EPH heating controls.


Indoor oil boiler prices in Ireland

An Oil Boiler can be installed inside the house, but the most suitable location can only be determined by how your home and pipework are built. 



Want to get your patio cleaning done? Get the best Power Washing Services now



How much does an EPH time clock cost?

There is a different EPH time clock for various systems. For example, there is 1 zone, 2 zones, 3 zones time clocks. For reference, 1 Zone time clock costs €195 supplied and fitted.


What is Power flushing?

A Powerflush is a cleaning procedure for your central heating system that tries to remove sludge, corrosion, and other debris. Unsure if you need Power flushing, this article will help you decide if you need a central heating power flush. 


My Gas boiler is leaking water.

If your Gas Boiler is leaking water, the best is to call us as we will be with you on the same day. If the leak is significant, we advise not to use the boiler.



I Smell Gas. What should I do?

Turn off your Gas

Do not use any electrical sockets 

Do not use naked flames

Call Bord Gais


What should the pressure on the boiler be?

The recommended pressure level differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the ideal pressure level is between 1.0 and 2.0 bar.


When should I ideally replace my boiler?

The lifespan of a boiler is between 10 to 15 years. But ideally, you should get a replacement boiler when the expense of repairs and the energy bills have increased.

You can get a free quote here.




How do I bleed a radiator?

There are several articles and videos on how to bleed a radiator. You can view this video to learn step by step process to bleed a radiator 


What is a TRV?

A thermostatic radiator valve allows you to control the temperature of each radiator individually. This helps in saving energy and money. 


Do boilers lose efficiency with age?

Yes, if your boiler is between 10 to 15 years old, it will become less efficient. You will notice that the energy consumption has increased or the heating has reduced.



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